The X Line is a podcast all about the FujiFilm X series cameras and lenses. In some part it’s about news and rumors about our favorite line of cameras, but more importantly it’s a show about the many stories, stories that talk about how these cameras changed our experience in photography. In some instances it revolutionized, in others it invigorated, but all and all, we all fell in love with photography again.

I’m starting the podcast as an 8 episode series. If you all enjoy it, then I will continue making more.

Here is what I need from YOU. Do you love these cameras? Has it changed your photography life?  Share your stories. Your 1 or more photos so that your story can be known!

To share your stories with The X Line podcast, please send me an email with photos to accompany them. Feel free to watermark the images, but keep it from blocking your image. And max resolution should be no more than a width of 1000 pixels. Try to keep your story to 2000 words or less.

Send your stories to: with the subject line “X Series Submission.”

If you have any questions, feel free to write to the above email address with the subject line “question.”

Thank you

Marc Sadowski