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Episode 2: Origin Stories

flower-pic-2In this episode, I talk about my Fujifilm origin story. I share my experience with my first Fuji camera, the S7000 from way back in the day.

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Episode1.9: Back in the Saddle

x100This is a semi-episode where I talked about why there have been no updates to the podcast. A lot has changed from the last time until now.

X Photographer special thanks to Christophe for helping me get back on the Fuji saddle. Check out his Instagram.


Episode 1: The Love of Fuji Starts

In episode 1 I talk about my first introduction to the Fuji X system. You can listen to this show on iTunes, Stitcher or any other podcasting device.

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Episode 0 – It Begins

x100It begins! This is The X Line. This brief audio goes into what we are going to do for this show.

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Hello world! This is The X Line

The X Line is a podcast all about the FujiFilm X series cameras and lenses. In some part it’s about news and rumors about our favorite line of cameras, but more importantly it’s a show about the many stories, stories that talk about how these cameras changed our experience in photography. In some instances it revolutionized, in others it invigorated, but all and all, we all fell in love with photography again.

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